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Why choose the Surgery Center?

Welcome to the Skin Cancer & Laser Surgery Center

The Skin Cancer & Laser Surgery Center Center will be opening soon.

This state-of-the-art facility is an extension of Owensboro Dermatology Associates and utilized as the facility of choice for all surgical procedures including Mohs surgery, excision of skin cancers, and select cosmetic procedures.

Utilizing this operating setting offers patients a safe, sterile environment for their surgery. Have your surgery in an accredited, comfortable, outpatient facility with the latest technology.

Because Drs. Crowe and Truett were the first physicians in western Kentucky to offer Mohs micrographic surgery, they have a combined total of 25+ years experience you can trust. The re-certification status that both physicians earn annually is a testament to their skills and knowledge. If you have a suspicious mole, sore, discoloration or lesion, schedule an appointment today to have it evaluated. If diagnosed early enough, skin cancer can be curable.

…more information coming soon