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Advanced Aesthetics, Owensboro Dermatology’s medical spa, provides advanced procedures and products for beautifully smooth, healthy skin. Drs. Crowe and Truett and their team of skin-care professionals believe that beauty is more than skin-deep…and they prove it to their clients every day.… Read More

What Our Patients Are Saying


Misty (Telephone Operator),
I have been a patient of Owensboro Dermatology for years and I want to thank you so much—you have always been so nice to us and I really appreciate it. To be coming somewhere as long as we have and you all are always so good to us. My daughter started coming to your office for appointments at the age of 6 and is now 17 yrs. old. I brought her in for Light Box Treatments several times a week.
Thanks again,


Tammy (Spa Patient Coordinator),
I just want to say that you are so nice and friendly! You make such a big difference in the lives of your patients. Thank you so much for caring!



Phyllis (Spa Aesthetician),
Thanks for being such a sweetie! You are a real credit to your profession! Thanks too for being you—a good Christian lady. It’s been a joy knowing you.


Amber (Spa Registered Nurse),
Good Morning! I just wanted you to know how happy I am already with the results from my treatment. You do great work! Thank you so much. Have a great day!



Phyllis (Spa Aesthetician),
My husband and I are very grateful for all that you do for us! Your kindness is contagious and ODA is extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated, passionate employee! Thank you so much!