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Winter Solutions to Soothe your Child’s Eczema

Posted: February 19th, 2018

Colder temperatures, dry air and indoor heating can cause irritation to your child’s skin and may flare-up Eczema. To lessen Eczema flares in winter, dermatologists recommend making some slight changes to your child’s skin care. Help make your child more comfortable with the following skin care tips.

Continue Eczema Skin Care
Use warm NOT hot water when bathing your child and use a mild soap or cleanser.
Apply medicine as directed.
Apply moisturizer directly after a bath to provide an artificial barrier that helps prevent water loss.

Moisturize more frequently using an ointment or thick cream
Apply moisturizer after hand washing, showering and bathing. Only use moisturizer on skin that you have NOT just applied Eczema medicine.

Use moisturizers before bedtime
If your child is experiencing dry skin, consider using an ointment. It retains more water in the skin and can reduce irritation. Also, if your child’s skin is extra dry in winter, contact your dermatologist for further recommendations.

Dress for success
When dressing your child, choose clothes made from natural, breathable fabrics like 100% cotton. Synthetic and wool material like polyester & acrylic may cause irritation to the skin.
Avoid overdressing your child which can cause overheating. Select loose-fitting layers that can be swiftly removed if they become too hot.

Create a comfortable home
Set your home thermostat at a temperature that reduces your child’s chance of overheating.
Keep your child away from fireplaces, heating vents and radiators that can warm the skin causing dryness. Try using a humidifier if the air is dry.

Dress comfortably when enjoying the outdoors
When dressing your child, go by the weather and cover as much of your child’s skin as possible.
To avoid sweaty hands and irritated skin, always dress them in mittens or gloves that are made of cotton or another natural fiber.
Make sure your child does not overheat by partially unzipping their coat, or by taking off a layer of clothing.
Remove all wet clothes and shoes quickly after coming inside.


National Eczema Association & American Academy of Dermatology