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Hand Washing Saves Lives

April 8, 2020

Clean hands can help prevent sickness. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) encourages five basic and effective steps: Wet, Lather, Scrub, Rinse, and Dry. These steps can decrease the spread of many illnesses including the flu and Covid-19. Washing your hands especially prior to and after certain activities, is a great way to wash away germs,… Read More

Winter Skin Care Tips-Part 2

March 2, 2020

( Con’t from February Blog) Embrace Healthy Skin—Body Care    There are fewer sebaceous glands on the surface of your body than on your face, so skin on your body is naturally drier than facial skin. Since breakouts are not usually a problem for legs and arms, feel free to indulge in the creamiest and heaviest lotions to re-hydrate.      Use a mild laundry… Read More

Winter Skin Care Tips: Part 1

February 5, 2020

    Winter can take a toll on skin. The dry, indoor heat, along with lower humidity, layered clothing, hot showers and baths can cause dry skin. All these reasons along with numerous other environmental, behavioral, and chronological factors, play a role in how well your skin fairs during the blustery months. Itchy, flaky, chaffed, cracked, and older-looking skin can contribute to the… Read More